Orion Organisation Heart for Art Acution with Joey Burke



LIVE EVENT: 9 September 2021 – 8.00 P. M. – 9.30 PM


LIVE EVENT: 9 Sept 2021 – 8.00 P. M. – 9.30 PM
With top auctioneer Joey Burke
Lilly Slaptsilli

About Us

Orion Organisation NPC is a registered non-profit organisation operating as a non-profit company, based in Atlantis, on the West Coast, in Cape Town. The organisation serves people with disability and has been in existence for 37 years.

While the Focus is to care and provide for the educational, training and therapeutic needs of children, youth and adults living with physical, mental, intellectual and neurological disabilities, the overall PURPOSE is to:

Create a future for people with disabilities through the provision of professional therapeutic and development services

What We Do

ORION ORGANISATION NPC offers Day Care Facilities for Children and Adults, Protective Work Centre, Adult Residential Care in Group Homes, an Art Development Program for Adults and Social Work Services and cares for up to 174 disabled adults and children on a daily basis.

Over the years Orion have helped many children and adults with disabilities, we have numerous success stories of people who have progressed from our children’s day care on to either mainstream or special needs schools, adults who came through our work centre who received skills training and have since moved on and are working in factories and offices.

At Orion our aim is to develop each person to the best of their ability, each of our clients have a personal development plan which is designed with the objective to aid them in every possible way to achieve their highest level of development with the view to moving on and either joining the mainstream education system or the open labour market.

The Orion Art Department

Art as a form of expression and empowerment

Art as Therapy

Art is used as a tool to express the soul and feelings of people. Since 2011 art was used as a form of therapy at Orion however it soon became clear that also in the case of people with disability, art is an extension of their personalities and the way they experience life.

Enables the disabled

Art becomes a channel through which the disabled artist express himself and invite people to enter his world. By doing so, we open ourselves up to see the world through different eyes and appreciate life to its fullest.

Art as a Career

In 2016 the Art Department went through a transition and a formal training program for those adults who’s talents were recognised as being able to be developed with the view to eventually creating careers within the art world was created. Since 2017 the Artists have been mentored by South African Artist, Richard Scott. He has been working closely on technique development and working toward each artist being able to produce works that would be in demand in the marketplace.

Support our Artists

The talent within the Art Program is diverse and rich, the skill development over the past 3 years has been phenomenal as each artist journeys toward an independent career in the art world…. Now all we require is for the doors to be opened for individual exhibitions, something that we continue to work toward and strive for. This auction is the first of many platforms that will enable our artists to support an independant and empowered life.